TRIROCKS Set of 3 Decorative Lanterns with Tempered Glass


Create an enchanting atmosphere with the Trirocks Decorative Lantern Set. This set, featuring three sizes (46/33.5/24cm), combines vintage elegance with versatile design, ideal for any setting.


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Weight: 3.5 KG

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“Illuminate Your Space with Trirocks Lanterns”

Vintage Elegance in Every Lantern Introducing the Trirocks Decorative Lantern Set, a perfect fusion of classic design and versatility. This three-piece set, featuring lanterns of different heights, enriches any space with its timeless charm.

Adorn Your Home with Timeless Style Classic Touch for Indoors and Outdoors Each lantern in the Trirocks set brings a vintage white metal design to your decor. Whether you’re adorning your living room, garden, or patio, these lanterns add sophistication to any environment.

Versatile and Functional Lanterns that Light Up Your Evenings Incorporate these lanterns in various ways:

  • Enhance the ambiance of your indoor spaces.
  • Add a romantic touch to outdoor settings.
  • Bring elegance to special events and gatherings.

Durable and Long-Lasting Design Crafted for Quality We’ve designed each lantern in the Trirocks set for durability. High-quality metal and tempered glass ensure these lanterns withstand different environments and last for seasons.

Eco-Conscious and Safe Decorating Choose Lanterns with a Purpose Also, our lanterns embody sustainability and safety. Their construction from eco-friendly materials makes them a responsible choice for your home.

Affordable Style for Everyone Elegance Within Reach Lastly, enjoy the beauty of the Trirocks Decorative Lantern Set without a hefty price tag. At Discount Delights, we make elegant decor accessible to all.

Bring Classic Beauty to Your Home In conclusion, the Trirocks Decorative Lantern Set adds a touch of vintage elegance to any setting. Visit Discount Delights today and enhance your space with these stylish and versatile lanterns.

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Weight 3.5 kg
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