Big Red House Blue Denim Pot Holders – Heat Resistant Set of 2


Upgrade your kitchen essentials with our Big Red House Pot Holders, designed for heat resistance, comfort, and style. These silicone and cotton pot holders come in a set of 2 in chic Blue Denim, ready to make baking a breeze.


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Heat’s No Match for Big Red House Pot Holders!

Welcome to your new kitchen MVP: Big Red House’s Heat Resistant Pot Holders. Whether you’re a baking aficionado or a dinner-making champ, these pot holders in stylish Blue Denim are your secret ingredient to a burn-free cooking experience.

Cool Under Pressure

Heat Resistant Haven – Our top-tier pot holders are designed to withstand the heat, so you can focus on whipping up your culinary masterpieces without breaking a sweat.

Grip Like Never Before

Silicone Striping Magic – Equipped with impressive silicone striping, these hot pads offer a non-slip grip that’ll have you handling hot pans and dishes like a pro.

Premium in Every Stitch

Quality and Comfort Combined – Crafted from a luxe blend of silicone and cotton, lined with soft terry cloth for that extra layer of protection and flexibility. Cooking comfort has never looked so good.

Cleanup’s a Breeze

Easy-Peasy Cleaning – Wave goodbye to post-cooking cleanup woes. These machine-washable wonders come with a handy hook, making them as easy to store as they are to clean.

Tailored Protection

Sized to Perfection – With an optimal length of 10″, our pot holders fully shield your hands and wrists in a variety of vibrant colors to match your kitchen decor.

Beyond Heat Resistance

  • Superb Heat Resilience – Navigate the kitchen maze with ease, thanks to our pot holders’ excellent heat insulation. The outer silicone strips and the thin yet protective design keep you safe from heat.
  • Firm Grip for Sure – Secure silicone ensures every dish lands safely on your counter, not your kitchen floor. The ergonomic design and premium grip make lifting heavy dishes feel like a feather.
  • Comfort Meets Flexibility – Designed for action, these pot holders boast cotton infill & terrycloth lining for movement without cramps or discomfort. Slip your hands in and feel the difference.
  • Ultimate Kitchen Safety – Our pot holders are the armor your hands need against oven heat and boiling pots. Made from a blend of silicone and cotton, no heat gets past these shields.

Wrap your hands in the safety and style of Big Red House Pot Holders and transform your kitchen into a haven of culinary excellence. No dish too hot, no task too heavy – these pot holders are your ticket to a cooler, safer, and more stylish kitchen adventure. Add them to your arsenal today and turn up the heat with confidence!

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Weight 0.230 kg
Dimensions 23 × 18 × 2 cm

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