Bee-Friendly Purple Flower Bulbs Collection (50 Pack)


Our Bee Friendly Purple Flower Bulbs Collection is the ultimate pack for garden enthusiasts. With 50 quality Dutch bulbs, including tulips, crocus, and alliums, it’s designed to transform your garden with beautiful purple blooms.


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Bee Friendly Purple Spring Bulbs Collection (50 Pack)

Unleash a Purple Paradise

A Symphony of Purple Hues

Our Colour Collection of Purple Spring Flower Bulbs is a celebration of purple in the garden. With a curated selection of tulips, crocus, and alliums, this 50 bulb pack promises to bring a vibrant splash of colour to your spring garden, attracting bees and bringing joy to your outdoor space.

Technical Details

  • Contents: 50 premium Dutch bulbs – 8 Tulipa Purple Prince, 4 Crocus, 38 Allium Sphaerocephalon.
  • Packaging: Eco-friendly brown paper bag with carry handle, making it an ideal gift.
  • Quality Assurance: Bulbs are quality assured for size and grade.
  • Dimensions: Packaged in a large brown paper bag for easy carrying and gifting.
  • Manufacturer: Sourced from top-quality Dutch growers.

20 Features of the Purple Spring Flower Bulbs Collection

  1. Bee Friendly: Promotes a healthy ecosystem by attracting pollinators.
  2. Vibrant Purple Blooms: A rich tapestry of purple shades for your garden.
  3. Premium Dutch Quality: Sourced from the finest growers for superior blooms.
  4. Eco-Friendly Packaging: Comes in a recyclable brown paper bag.
  5. Gift Ready: With an attractive colour card, perfect for gardening enthusiasts.
  6. Individually Labelled: For easy identification and planting.
  7. Easy to Plant: Comes with clear planting instructions and care information.
  8. Spring Blooming: Designed to flourish in the spring season.
  9. Economical Pack: 50 bulbs offer great value and coverage.
  10. Varied Textures and Heights: Adds depth and interest to your garden.
  11. Low Maintenance: Simple planting for lasting beauty.
  12. Weather Resilient: Suitable for a variety of climates.
  13. Long Lasting: Enjoy blooms from spring to summer.
  14. Sustainable Gardening: Supports bee populations and biodiversity.
  15. Versatile Planting Options: Ideal for borders, pots, or as focal points.
  16. Bright and Beautiful Flowers: Guaranteed to enhance your garden’s appeal.
  17. Space Efficient: Perfect for gardens of all sizes.
  18. Educational Experience: Great for novice gardeners learning to plant bulbs.
  19. High Germination Rate: Ensures a successful bloom.
  20. Satisfaction Guaranteed: From GreenBrokers, known for quality and service.

Transform your garden into a stunning display of purple this spring with our Colour Collection Spring Flower Bulbs. Perfect for those looking to add colour, attract wildlife, and enjoy gardening, this pack is designed to delight. Embrace the beauty of purple blooms and make your garden a springtime spectacle with our bee-friendly collection.

Find this exquisite collection and more at Discount Delights. Let’s bring your garden to life together!

Additional information

Weight 0.300 kg
Dimensions 132 × 68 × 97 cm



Flower Bulbs Pack

Common Name

Tulip, Crocus, Allium


Tulipa, Crocus, Allium


Bee Friendly

Life Cycle




Cultivating Difficulty



Full Sun to Partial Shade





Growth Habit


Soil Type


Soil pH

Neutral to Slightly Acidic

Planting Time


Number of units

50 pack

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Brand New