2 n 1 Car Back Seat Hook Mobile Phone Holder Bag Purse Tablet Headrest Pack of 2


The BATUUTAH 2 in 1 Car Back Seat Hook Holder is an innovative accessory designed to transform your car’s backseat into a convenient storage space. This dual-purpose holder supports bags, phones, tablets, and more, ensuring your essentials are always within reach. Made from durable materials, it promises longevity and style, fitting seamlessly into any car interior.


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Weight: 0.140 KG

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Enhancing Your Drive: Discover the 2 n 1 Car Back Seat Hook Pack of 2

Convenience at Your Fingertips: With the BATUUTAH 2 n 1 Car Back Seat Hook, experience unparalleled convenience as you effortlessly store and access your essentials. Whether it’s a long journey or a short commute, your belongings are always within easy reach, eliminating unnecessary distractions and enhancing your focus on the road.

Space-Saving Mastery: Embrace the art of organisation with this ingenious device that transforms wasted space into valuable storage. By clipping onto the back of your car’s headrest, it provides a discreet yet accessible spot for your personal items, boldly redefining in-car storage solutions.

Organisation Meets Safety: Safety is paramount, and this 2 n 1 hook ensures that by keeping your car clutter-free, you reduce the risk of accidents caused by loose items. Its robust design holds your belongings securely, providing peace of mind as you navigate through your day.

Bestselling Features:

  1. Universal Compatibility: Fits most vehicles, offering a broad utility range.
  2. Durable Material: Constructed to withstand heavy items without wearing down.
  3. Easy Installation: Clips on the headrest; no tools required.
  4. Variety of Styles: Available in multiple colors to match your car’s interior.
  5. Dual Functionality: Serves as both a hook and a mobile phone holder.
  6. Enhanced Safety: Keeps items off the floor, reducing accident risks.
  7. Space Efficiency: Utilizes unused backseat space for storage.
  8. Improved Accessibility: Keeps essentials within arm’s reach.

Practical Uses:

  1. Mobile Phone Holder: Securely holds your phone for easy viewing and access.
  2. Bag and Purse Holder: Keeps your bags off the floor and in sight.
  3. Tablet Storage: Ideal for holding tablets, perfect for backseat entertainment.
  4. Grocery Bag Hook: Prevents groceries from rolling around the car.
  5. Clothing Hanger: Hangs clothes to keep them wrinkle-free during travel.
  6. Umbrella Holder: Keeps umbrellas at the ready, without wetting the car interior.
  7. Child’s Toy Organizer: Stores toys within easy reach of children.
  8. Travel Essentials Keeper: Keeps travel documents and snacks organized.

Detailed Benefits:

  1. Maximised Space: Leverages unused areas for additional storage.
  2. Reduced Clutter: Maintains a neat and organized car environment.
  3. Enhanced Convenience: Improves accessibility to frequently used items.
  4. Safety Improvement: Minimises distractions by securing loose items.
  5. Versatile Storage: Adapts to a wide range of items for diverse use.
  6. Style Integration: Blends with car interior for a sleek look.
  7. Long-Lasting Use: Built from high-quality materials for durability.
  8. Easy to Clean: Simple maintenance for a lasting pristine appearance.


  • Manufacturer: BATUUTAH
  • Brand: BATUUTAH
  • Model: G03 – Blue
  • Dimensions: 12.4 x 5.5 x 3.7 cm; 70 Grams
  • Special Features: Car headrest accessory, back seat hanger, storage, and organizer
  • Item Weight: 70 g
  • Number of Items: 2

What’s Included:

  • 2 x BATUUTAH 2 n 1 Car Back Seat Hook Mobile Phone Holders
  • User Manual for Installation and Care


BATUUTAH is a leading innovator in automotive accessories, dedicated to enhancing the driving experience through practical and stylish solutions. With a focus on quality, durability, and functionality, BATUUTAH products are designed to meet the needs of modern drivers and passengers, ensuring comfort, convenience, and safety on the road.

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At Discount Delights, we’re committed to providing our customers with the highest quality products at the best prices. With our BATUUTAH 2 n 1 Car Back Seat Hook, you’re not just getting an exceptional car accessory; you’re also enjoying the peace of mind that comes with our dedicated customer service and hassle-free returns. Elevate your driving experience with Discount Delights, where value meets convenience.

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Weight 0.140 kg
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